Who is Liable for Medical Malpractice?

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Determining who is liable in your medical malpractice claim will require a thorough investigation. Your Arkansas medical malpractice attorney from our firm will work with experts in various fields to comb over your medical records, identify negligence, and build a strong case against all liable parties.

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Potential Liable Parties in a Medical Malpractice Claim

There are a many types of medical malpractice and who is liable for your injury will depend on its root cause. Potential liable parties may include:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Hospital staff
  • Healthcare corporations
  • Medical supply companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Medical malpractice claims can be brought against OBGYNs, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors, and anyone else involved in the medical field. The only way to determine who is liable for your injury is with the help of a dedicated Little Rock medical malpractice attorney.

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