Client Reviews

Little Rock Medical Malpractice Lawyer Serving All of Arkansas

When people trust us to handle their Wrongful Death, serious injury and medical malpractice cases, that trust means a lot to us. At Polewski & Associates, the cases we handle are complicated and serious. Every one of our clients is unique, and every case we handle is different than any other case.

That’s why we can’t promise that the result in your case will be the same as the result in some other case. What we can promise is that you and your case will receive our personal concern and attention.

Over the years many of our clients have been kind enough to share how they felt about us and the way they were treated.

Here are a few of their comments:

"John and his staff were patient, informative, professional, proactive and followed up. John personally visited me in the hospital following my surgery and was legitimately interested in my progression. I’ve had to work with other lawyers in the past personally, and work closely with my legal team professionally – and I’ve never come across a lawyer who provided anything close to John’s level of service. I pray we never need this this type of service again, but if I do, there’s no doubt who my family will call. "
-Robin P.
"My experience with John Polewski was really fantastic. We arrived at his office really unsure of our circumstances with our malpractice case considering my brain tumour. He and his staff were very reassuring and went through the whole process with us. We proceded through our lawsuit to a win situation where everyone was pleased. We were very pleased with the services of John and his staff. "
-Michelle M
"John Polewski did a great job on our medical malpractice case, he was very friendly, professional, and very informative to us about our case. I would recommend John Polewski and Associate to our friends and family. Thanks John for all of your hard work. "
-Kevin T
"My experience here at Polewski & Associates has been amazing. Everyone has been so professional. They’ve been easy to reach, they’ve answered all of my questions—and they have also been compassionate, which is very important to me due to the sensitivity of my case. I would definitely recommend anyone to Polewski & Associates. If you go anywhere else you’re crazy. They won’t have the level of care and dedication I received. I just want to say thank you John and thank you Barbara for making this the best experience it could possibly be. "
-Avery S
"I recommend John. He’s a really good attorney. He’s kind of like that pit bull that grabs on and won’t let go until he gets the results he wants. "
-Cathy S
"I would definitely recommend John to anybody. I have never been so pleased with anything in my life. He is an awesome lawyer. He does everything down to the finest point as far as I can see, and I wouldn’t want another lawyer. "
-Lelanda M
"John handled a case for my family. I have to say its been wonderful working with him and his staff. He’s a very dedicated attorney. He worked hard and long for us and he has achieved great results. If I had to do it all over again, without a doubt I would choose John because he was wonderful. "
-Katisha T
"I recommend John to anybody and for any lawsuit. He represented me in a malpractice case and he handled it very well. Very discreet, very nice, and I think he’s just a great lawyer. "
-Bodie M
"I would recommend John Polewski to anyone—in fact I have to several of my friends. John is an honest guy, and he’ll tell you not just what you want to hear, but the facts, and where he can go with your case. Barbara up front is very knowledgeable. "
-Tom C
"Working with John was absolutely fabulous. We had a great relationship and he explained everything to us that we needed to know. He took his time with us and gave us the opportunity to think things out—and we just appreciate all the things you’ve done for us. "
-Warren A.