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Counting the Cost of Medical Malpractice in Hospitals

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 200,000 people die every year because of mistakes made in hospitals. 

Another tragedy is that because of fear of getting fired or punished or sued, doctors and nurses keep families in the dark about what really happened.  They will call injuries caused by their mistakes a "complication" and act as if an unnecessary death was "God's will".   The "conspiracy of silence" is very real.

That's just plain wrong. You and your family deserve the truth.

The Right Team For Your Hospital Malpractice Case

With over 30 years of experience, our Wrongful Death and malpractice team has handled dozens of hospital malpractice cases.    A sampling of the cases we have handled can be found here.   Whatever happened in your case, we've almost certainly handled a case like it before.  When you call us, you can be sure you've got a team who understands how to get to the truth about what happened, and understands how to win your case.

But you don't have to take our word for it:  take a look at our qualifications, or our video reviews, or our written reviews, or reviews on independent lawyer review sites.  You won't find anyone else like us.

Common Hospital Malpractice Questions


When people call us about their medical malpractice cases involving hospitals, they often ask some of the same questions:

Q:  What Is Medical Malpractice?

A: "Medical Malpractice" is the common term for cases in which a patient sues a health care provider for injuries caused by negligent health care.  Want to know whether there was malpractice in your case?   Call us.  There is no charge for the consultation, and no charge to you if we review your case and conclude that you do not have a malpractice case that should be pursued.  You only pay us if you have a case and we get a recovery for you.

Q:  Can I Sue an Arkansas Hospital for Medical Malpractice? 

A:  Yes you can.  Hospitals in Arkansas are legally responsible for the damages and injuries caused by hospital employees and agents during the treatment of patients.  We have handled many medical malpractice cases against hospitals, and are handling malpractice cases against hospitals now.

Q:  What is the Statute of Limitations for a Medical Malpractice Claim Against a Hospital?; 

A:  In general, the statue of limitations for any medical malpractice claim provides that you must file your suit within two years of the negligent care you are complaining about.  But please don't guess!  There are exceptions to this rule which might apply to your case.  Call us, and we'll tell you how much time you have.  The call is free, and we never charge for consultations with us on medical malpractice cases. 

Types of Hospital Medical Malpractice Cases

Some of the more frequent cases we handle include:

  • emergency room cases -- where doctors and nurses ignored patients, or missed their injury, or discharged a patient without treating the illness or injury that was killing them. These cases include malpractice in missing heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, cancer, and infections.

  • errors in anesthesia   -- these are cases where too much anesthesia was used during surgery, or the patient wasn't properly monitored,  or the patient didn't get enough oxygen, or choked during the surgery. 

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