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For decades now, Polewski & Associates has represented families and patients hurt by nursing malpractice.   Nursing medical malpractice is the failure by a nurse to care for a patient as a competent nurse should. 

Our team has handled cases where nurses gave the wrong medicine and cases where they failed to give medicine that was ordered.  We've handled cases where the nurse recorded readings that showed that the patient was dying right in front of them, but didn't call for help.  We've handled cases where the nurse never came into the patient's room to check on a patient, even though the call button was pressed over and over.  And many cases where nurses failed to respond to patients' complaints and obvious signs of illness and infection.

Your Nursing Medical Malpractice Suit is Important

People call us and hire us for their nursing medical malpractice cases because it simply isn’t fair that the hospital and its insurance company shouldn’t pay for the damage they caused.

But most of all – far and away the most common reason people call us – is this: People call us because they want to make sure that what happened to them won’t happen to someone else. 

They know that if they do nothing, nothing will change, and the malpractice will happen again.

Hundreds of Thousands Killed By Hospital Malpractice Every Year

Study after study – by the government, by the Institutes of Health, by major medical schools – has found that at least 80,000 and as many as 440,000 of Americans die every year because of mistakes in hospitals.

Most of those mistakes are nursing mistakes: the wrong drug is given; the right drug is not given; an overdose is given; a patient’s bedsores or infection or heart monitor is ignored; a nurse doesn’t bother to answer a call for help.

And that’s just the number of people who die. Many, many more people are hurt. Why is there so much nursing medical malpractice? There are two major reasons.

Taking Good Care of You.

Taking care of people and families hurt by medical malpractice is what we do at Polewski & Associates. We pride ourselves on protecting and helping the people who trust us with their cases. 

We understand that you’re not calling us about something as limited as “money” – that you’re calling to make a difference.

We’d be honored to help. Call 972-223-1810 today to schedule your free initial consultation.