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Malpractice in Emergency Departments | Little Rock LawyerSeconds count in the emergency room. Delays in seeing or treating a patient can be fatal.  Emergency room doctors and nurses by now have detailed training and state of the art equipment allowing them to swiftly make the right diagnosis.


But modern training an equipment are useless when rules of diagnosis are not followed, or when equipment isn't used, or when test results are ignored. 

This is emergency room medical malpractice.

Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Cases

At Polewski & Associates, many of the cases we’ve handled involve negligence of doctors or nurses in an emergency room. We’ve seen clients who lost a child or a father because of delays in treatment,  patients hurt and killed by administration of the wrong drug, and people who died because doctors and nurses thought they were "fakers".   Cases like fathers having a heart attack who were diagnosed with "indigestion", and young men who became paralyzed because nurses thought they were lying just to get some drugs.

Many Cases, One Cause

All of these cases had one thing in common. Doctors and nurses weren’t paying attention, and they weren’t following safety rules they had been trained to follow.

Making Things Better

Your lawsuit is about fairness. Doctors have insurance to compensate patients hurt by their mistakes, just as drivers have insurance to compensate people injured by driving mistakes.  It is only fair that your family get compensation for their harms and losses.  That's why all doctors and nurses have medical malpractice insurance.

Your lawsuit is also about protecting other people in your community. When our clients stand up and say "this can't happen again", they may save a life that otherwise would be lost. 

We're proud of the good that has come from our clients insisting on justice and safety. 

We'd be proud to represent you, too.

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