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Diagnosis: The Most Important Duty

The most important part of any doctor’s job is to diagnose his or her patient’s illness or injury.  Some of the most tragic cases our team sees are when a patient dies or is badly hurt by something that could have been easily cured.  Many of these cases we've seen over and over again.  Cases like:

The shame of it is that modern medicine has the tools and tests that make proper diagnosis routine--if they are used, and if the doctor reads the results.  But when doctors don't do their jobs, all of the knowledge and technology in modern medicine might as well not exist.   Image result for medical tests

Tests that aren't used, and results that aren't read, can't save anyone's life.

Making a Difference

Your diagnosis malpractice lawsuit is not only about fairness for your family.    When people like you stand up and say "we're not going to let this happen again", your community is safer.  Your medical malpractice or Wrongful Death lawsuit could save a life.

We're proud of our clients that took a stand for justice and for safety.  We’d be proud to help you, too. 

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Don’t delay. Every day you wait to contact us is another day that key evidence could be lost and memories can fade. Every day you wait is another day your family doesn’t get the help they need and another day that your doctor won’t change the way he or she diagnoses patients.  With top ratings by clients, top qualifications and experience handling virtually every kind of malpractice case, you can be confident that we’ll take good care of you and your family.

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