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Malpractice - Wrong or Delayed Diagnosis | Little Rock ARWhether your case is about a doctor making the wrong diagnosis or making no diagnosis at all, you need an experienced medical malpractice and Wrongful Death team who understands both what the doctor should have done and how to prove your case in court.

Our lawyers have been taking care of people and families hurt or killed by diagnosis malpractice for over two decades.   With top ratings by clients, top qualifications and experience handling virtually every kind of malpractice case, you can be confident that we’ll take good care of you and your family, too.

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When you sue a doctor or hospital for making a mistake that caused an injury or death, you are doing much more than just seeking fair compensation for your harms and losses. You are making sure that the rules of medical care that protect everyone are enforced.

Your medical malpractice or Wrongful Death lawsuit is the way that our society makes sure that doctors stop cutting corners and follow the rules. Because our clients stood up and demanded justice, many lives have been saved and many tragedies have been averted. We’re proud of the good that comes from the medical malpractice cases we handle.

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Diagnosis: The Most Important Duty

The most important part of any doctor’s job is to diagnose his or her patient’s illness or injury. Modern medicine has tremendous stores of knowledge and technology available to help a doctor perform this critical duty. Unfortunately, many cases of cancer, heart attack, brain injury, infection, appendicitis and meningitis – just to name a few – go misdiagnosed or completely undiagnosed every year.

As a result, patients are getting the wrong treatments or no treatments at all, and the results are deadly. We have represented the families of children who died of meningitis because their pediatrician wasn’t paying attention, men who have lost their legs to compartment syndrome because an orthopedic doctor failed to perform a simple test, and widows who lost their husbands to heart attacks because an emergency room doctor didn’t follow routine diagnostic testing rules.

In every case, if the doctor had just followed basic diagnosis rules required by the medical profession, the tragedy would have been averted.