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Diagnosis: The First Duty

The most important part of any doctor’s job is to diagnose his or her patient’s illness or injury.  Some of the most tragic medical malpractice cases our team sees are when a patient dies or is badly hurt by something that could have been easily cured.  Many of these malpractice cases we've seen over and over again.  Cases like:

The shame of it is that modern medicine has the tools and tests that make quick and accurate diagnosis routine--if the tests are ordered, and if the doctor acts on the results.  But when doctors don't do their jobs, all of the knowledge and technology in modern medicine might as well not exist.  Tests that aren't used, and results that aren't read, can't save anyone's life. 

The Main Cause of Misdiagnosis Malpractice:  Doctors Who Don't Pay Attention

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When you go to the doctor, the very first thing that happens is you fill out a form saying what's wrong with you.  Then you go to an "exam room" where the doctor sees you--and the first thing the doctor does is to ask you what's wrong with you--why you are there.  Doctors call this the patient's "history", and it is the most important part of the process of figuring out what is causing your problems and what can be done about it.  Medicine has been following this basic procedure for hundreds of years, and still does--because the only way doctors can help a patient is if they know what is going on with the patient.  And the only way for them to know is to listen.

Your doctor cannot order tests to see if you are having a heart attack if he doesn't listen to your complaints of chest pain.  He won't know to suspect lung cancer if he is too busy to listen when you tell him about your breathing problems.  And a doctor that has to see 25 children a day to make his quota may easily miss the signs of meningitis in a child if he doesn't spend more than five minutes with the child and her mother.

At Polewski & Associates, our team sees this basic rule of medicine broken too often.  Medicine is too often performed as big business, with doctors spending five minutes with a patient and racing on to the next patient--often seeing 20 or even 30 patients in a single day.  That's great for profits if you get to charge each patient $200 or more for those five minutes.  It is terrible for the quality of care.  Our clients have suffered terrible injuries, or have lost a family member, because doctors didn't take the time and effort to listen--and missed heart attacks, dissecting aneurysms, meningitis, cauda equina syndrome, and head injuries.

Putting profits over quality of care is never acceptable and is always medical malpractice.  Your doctor owes his first loyalty and his attention to you, not his accountant or his bank book.

Making a Difference

Your diagnosis malpractice lawsuit is not only about fairness for your family.    When people like you stand up and say "we're not going to let this happen again", your community is safer.  Your medical malpractice or Wrongful Death lawsuit could save a life.

We're proud of our clients that took a stand for justice and for putting patient safety first.  We’d be proud to help you, too. 

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