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When you choose Polewski & Associates for your surgery malpractice case, you are choosing a surgery medical malpractice team with over 25 years of experience, top qualifications and top client reviews.

Surgery medical malpractice cases are no place for rookies, and no place for lawyers who are buddies with the doctors you may have to sue.  Our legal team that handles malpractice cases all the time: lawyers and experts who know medical malpractice when they see it and have a proven track record helping families hurt by medical malpractice. 

And nobody will treat your family with more respect and compassion.

You Deserve The Truth.  We Can Get it for You.

Many of our clients call us because they suspect someone made a bad mistake:  but nobody will give them a straight answer.  That's just plain wrong.  So if you are wondering whether your family has been hurt by medical malpractice, stop wondering and call us today. 

We've handled just about any kind of surgery medical malpractice case you can imagine.  Some of the most common:  cutting or sewing over blood vessels or ducts that should be left intact; failing to close bleeding blood vessels; failing to treat post surgery infections; leaving sponges or needles inside the patient; injuring the patient's bowel or bladder or ureters.  We have seen all of those cases many times. 

Some of the surgeries that are commonly associated with medical malpractice are:

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Time is important in your surgery medical malpractice case.

Waiting too long can mean that your case is lost.

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A Mission to Make Things Better

Surgery medical malpractice cases are not just about money.  The #1 reason our clients hire us is to prevent other families from suffering like they did. 

They want to make sure that the surgeon doesn't make the same mistake and hurt someone else.

When you call us, you get a team that understands that these most serious cases involve a whole lot more than paying for medical bills and lost wages.  Of course you are entitled to recover your losses--every dime.

But if you're looking for lawyers on a mission to prevent what happened to your family from happening to another family, then we're your kind of lawyers.

Many Kinds of Surgery Malpractice. Just One Cause.

Our lawyers have over 25 years’ experience handling all kinds of surgery malpractice cases involving many different types of surgery. All of those cases involved the same basic error: the surgeon wasn’t paying attention to the patient.

Whether the surgeon was in a hurry to get home, or had booked too many patients, or simply decided to cut corners to save time, the consequences to the patient can be fatal. A blood vessel or intestine is cut by mistake; a critical test is not ordered; an examination is not done; antibiotics are not given, reports of other doctors are not reviewed; a patient is not seen after an operation.