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Foot Doctor (podiatrist) Malpractice

We take our feet for granted, yet if our feet are injured, every aspect of our lives changes. Simple tasks like climbing stairs become impossible, and simple pleasures like playing with our children become torture.

Foot doctors, also known as podiatrists, are licensed doctors who concentrate on caring for and doing surgery on people’s feet. They handle everything from ingrown toenails to complex surgery on bones in the feet. And when they get it wrong, the consequences can be devastating.  We have handled cases involving bunion surgery, Achille's tendon surgery, "hammertoe" surgery, fractures and more.   Foot surgery, and malpractice law, are complex.  These cases are no place for rookie lawyers, and your case is no place for a lawyer handling his first podiatry case.

Experience Matters

At the Polewski Firm, we have handled podiatrist malpractice claims for over 25 years.  Our clients with podiatrist malpractice claims have developed serious and disabling nerve syndromes, have become addicted to pain killers, have lost their homes and their jobs, and have even suffered amputations because of podiatrist malpractice. Some of the most unnecessary and painful injuries we have seen in our entire practice have occurred when a podiatrist botched a simple bunion or hammertoe surgery, leading to crippling and permanent disability for our clients.

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