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If your baby has suffered a terrible injury, cerebral palsy, or other devastating injuries during birth, the future for you and your baby is going to be hard. Medical care alone can reach into the millions of dollars.

Doctors and hospitals have medical malpractice insurance precisely for these situations. If your baby was hurt because of the negligence of a doctor or a hospital’s malpractice, that insurance is there for you and your family. For a free consultation to discuss the compensation to which you and your family might be entitled for your baby's injury, please call Polewski & Associates in Little Rock, Arkansas, at 972-223-1810 today.

Getting to the Truth.

Your doctor and the nurses involved in delivering your child will never, ever, tell you that they were sloppy or made a mistake. Other Arkansas doctors and nurses will keep silent too. The only way you will ever find the truth is to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney to have him review your case.

The science and medicine of these cases is complicated. You must have a lawyer on your side who understands the medical records and has access to top medical experts.

These cases are no place for rookie lawyers, or lawyers who usually handle divorces or car wrecks. The defendants in every birth injury medical malpractice case in Arkansas hire experienced medical malpractice lawyers to defend them. Without experienced medical malpractice lawyers on your side, your birth injury malpractice suit has no chance at all.

Birth Injury Malpractice Lawsuits | Little Rock, Arkansas

Protecting Innocent Babies.

The number one reason parents come to us with their birth injury case is that they don’t want what happened to their baby to happen to another defenseless child. We’re proud to stand up for our clients to get them the compensation their children deserve for the harms and losses they have suffered and will suffer for the rest of their lives. We’re proud of our clients for standing up and saying “this has to stop!”

Nothing can undo what happened to your child – but you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Common Birth Injuries:

  • Erb’s palsy (nerve damage causing paralysis in one arm)
  • Hypoxic brain injury (brain injury caused by lack of oxygen during birth)
  • Cerebral palsy (brain injury caused lack of oxygen during birth that leads to long-term motor control problems)
  • Forceps injury (disfiguration or nerve damage caused by the use of forceps

Medical Errors That Lead to Birth Injuries

There are a variety of medical errors which may result in birth injuries. Some of the most common include:

  • Prenatal misdiagnosis
  • Malpractice in delivery causing nerve injuries
  • Malpractice in delay of delivery causing brain damage
  • Failure to treat bleeding
  • Failure to treat umbilical cord entrapment
  • Negligence in failing to treat fetal distress
  • Failure to order a necessary C-section
  • Negligent use of foreceps causing head injuries
  • Improper use of pitocin
  • Malpractice in failing to provide emergency care to the baby after delivery
  • Failure to diagnose or treat infection

Modern medicine can prevent all of these injuries if only the doctors and nurses follow the rules of their professions. But all the medical advances and technology of the last 100 years are worthless if doctors and nurses don’t pay attention. If a doctor doesn’t use modern medical techniques, you might as well have delivered your baby in a log cabin on the frontier. It just isn’t fair that your baby was hurt because the doctor you trusted wasn’t doing his job.

Contact Us Right Now.

If you wait too long, it may be too late to sue – no matter how badly your child was hurt. And every day you wait is another day that a witness could leave town or records could be lost. There is no reason to wait: When you hire us we do all the work, and you never pay a dime unless we get a recovery for you. For a free consultation with Polewski & Associates in the Little Rock area, please call 501-404-0062.