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When Anesthesia Makes the Pain Worse

Anesthesiologists are highly trained doctors who use powerful drugs to prevent or ease pain.  Whether the anesthesiologist is performing general anesthesia to put a patient to sleep during surgery, a nerve block to deaden pain to a particular part of the body, or medical pain management, there are rules and procedures they are all trained to follow to prevent injury or death.  When those rules aren't followed and people get hurt, that is anesthesiologist (or anesthesia) medical malpractice.

Anesthesiolgist Malpractice

There are subspecialties in anesthesia, and at Polewski & Associates we have handled many different kinds of anesthesia malpractice cases.

Image result for anesthesiaPatient Undergoing General Anesthesia

Some anesthesia medical malpractice cases we have handled involved patients injured because the anesthesiologist did not properly monitor the patient's breathing, leading to brain damage or death.

Image result for anesthesia nerve blockPatient Undergoing Regional Nerve Block

Other anesthesiology malpractice cases we have handled involved regional nerve blocks--blocks like epidural anesthesia during child birth, and interscalene blocks during arm surgery.

One kind of case we have seen far to often involves injury to the spinal cord during an "epidural steroid injection".  Our  clients have suffered paralysis and permanent disability due to medical malpractice during these procedures.

Different Cases, Same Story

Every single one of the anesthesia malpractice cases we have handled at Polewski & Associates has one thing in common: The anesthesiologist wasn’t paying attention, or he failed to follow basic safety rules.

Making Things Better

The injuries caused by anesthesia malpractice can be devastating. Families are often wiped out financially as well as emotionally.

Every doctor has medical malpractice insurance precisely to compensate families hurt by malpractice. If you or your family has suffered from anesthesiologist malpractice, that insurance is there for you.

But your case is about more than money. It's about making sure that what happened to you doesn’t happen again.  Your medical malpractice suit could save the life of a person you will never even meet.

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