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Failure to Diagnose Cancer

There is no more frightening diagnosis than “You have cancer”. The good news is that doctors have tests and treatments available today that can diagnose and cure cancers that just a decade ago were untreatable.

The bad news is that none of these tests and none of the awesome technology available to doctors can diagnose a cancer if they aren’t used. No test is worth anything if your doctor ignores the results. No X-ray will help if the radiologist who looks at it doesn’t report the cancer it shows, or if the doctor who gets the report doesn’t read it.   

Our team has seen too many of these tragic cases. Too many young mothers taken from their families, too many husbands dying in the prime of their lives. Too many children denied a chance.  Sadly, these misdiagnosis of cancer cases almost always turn out to be Wrongful Death cases as well--because by the time the cancer diagnosis was made, it was too late.

Experienced Lawyers to Help Your Family

Your doctors won’t tell you that they took too long to diagnose or treat a cancer. They won’t tell you that another doctor two years ago should have diagnosed the cancer. If you ask them “why wasn’t I told about this earlier?,” they will dodge the question and change the subject. The conspiracy of silence in which doctors cover up each other’s mistakes is very real.

Misdiagnosis of Cancer Lawsuit | Polewski & AssociatesCancer misdiagnosis cases--and particularly Wrongful Death cancer cases-- require an experienced medical malpractice team who know how to find evidence of medical malpractice and failure to diagnose cancer in the records. Your case needs lawyers who know medicine and medical malpractice law. Your family deserves a medical malpractice and Wrongful Death lawyer who can win a settlement or judgment for what you have been through.

When you call us, you’ll get a medical malpractice and Wrongful Death legal team with top qualifications and top client reviews.

Making Things Better

All doctors and hospitals have medical malpractice insurance to compensate patients and families who have been hurt by medical malpractice. Doctors know that negligence in the practice of medicine can happen at any time, just as any driver can make a mistake on the road.

If your family has been hurt or suffered a Wrongful Death due to a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer, you are entitled to be compensated for your loss. You shouldn’t have to suffer without help from the doctors and hospitals that caused your suffering. 

Your cancer diagnosis medical malpractice case could also save a life. All of our clients come to us determined that their cancer medical malpractice case will make a difference – not only a difference to their families, but a difference in how other people with cancer get treated. Our clients, without exception, want to be sure that what happened to them won’t happen to another family.

When a doctor or hospital gets sued for missing a cancer that should be diagnosed, you can be sure that they will be more careful next time. The next patient is going to get better and faster treatment.

Nothing can turn back time and make your family’s suffering go away. But your failure to diagnose cancer lawsuit can be a powerful legacy.

Don’t Delay: Contact Us Now

Delay is what lets cancer kill. Every day you wait is another day that the doctors and nurses who failed your family might fail someone else. Delay can also ruin your case. Witnesses move away or forget, evidence can be lost, or a statute of limitations may pass.

Please don’t worry about calling a lawyer right away. Every medical malpractice consultation with us is free. If you have a case, our team will do all the work. You and your family have enough to worry about.

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