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Common Surgery, Inexcusable Injuries

Gallbladder removal surgery with a laparoscope, or "laparoscopic cholecystectomy" is the most common surgery done in the United States.  Over the last 30 years, surgeons have perfected  both the equipment and techniques for doing gallbladder removal surgery.  

When surgeons follow  well established safety rules, injuries to the bile ducts and hepatic arteries become virtually impossible.

But when doctors don't follow the safety rules for this surgery, patients get badly hurt. Like our client who died because the blood supply to his liver was ruined. Or our clients who needed multiple additional surgeries because the surgeon cut or clipped the common bile duct or the common hepatic duct. Or the clients  who sustained injuries to their hepatic arteries or bowels.  Many of our gallbladder removal malpractice clients have had to have major surgeries requiring huge incisions and weeks in the hospital.

These injuries should never happen

Experience Matters. 

Our medical malpractice team has extensive experience with gallbladder surgery medical malpractice cases.  We know how surgeons will try to defend gallbladder surgery malpractice, and we know how to beat those defenses. 

Experience is everything in these cases: surgical medicine and Arkansas medical malpractice law are complicated.  The surgeon who hurt you will definitely have highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers on their side.  Thinking that you can win with anything but a first class medical malpractice lawyer on your side is just foolish.  Professionals beat amateurs every time.

Common Questions About Gallbladder Surgery Malpractice

People who call us about gallbladder surgery malpractice have questions they frequently ask.  Here are the answers:

Q:  Can you sue for botched gallbladder surgery? 

A: Yes you can--and you should.  Injuries to the bile ducts and adjacent arteries should never happen if the surgeon follows the rules for these surgeries.  You are entitled to sue in this situation, and your suit may very will prevent the same mistake from happening to someone else.

Q:  What is the most common malpractice in gallbladder surgery? 

A:  The most common malpractice in this surgery is when the surgeon mistakes the common bile duct (which should never be cut or clipped shut) with the cystic duct (which always has to be cut and clipped shut).  All surgeons who do this operation are taught how to avoid this injury and have tools and equipment that should make it impossible--if they do their jobs right.

Q:  Has your team handled gallbladder surgery cases before? 

A:  Yes we have--many of them.  And we are handling gallbladder surgery malpractice cases right now.

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