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Diagnosis:  The Most Important Duty

Timely and accurate diagnosis saves lives.  It is the most important thing that doctors do.

Some of the saddest cases we have handled over the years are the ones that involve misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis:

  • A young mother dies from cervical cancer that should have been spotted years before by her doctor and a laboratory test he ordered
  • A young man loses his leg and nearly dies because his doctors failed to perform a test that would have shown that he had compartment syndrome
  • Pneumonia is not diagnosed in a young woman until she almost dies and has to undergo surgery on her lungs that leaves her permanently disabled
  • A brother dies of sudden cardiac arrest moments after his doctors pronounce him healthy
  • a young woman is paralyzed because of a delay in diagnosing bleeding on her spinal cord
  • A grandmother dies after her heart attack is misdiagnosed as indigestion

None of these cases should have ended the way they did. In every single one of them, timely diagnosis and treatment would have prevented any injury at all.

Experienced Diagnosis Delay and Wrongful Death Attorneys

There is no substitute for experience and expertise in these cases.   A lawyer who usually does divorces or contracts will have no idea what he is looking at when he looks at your medical records. When you hire us, you'll get a legal team with unmatched experience and qualifications.  And nobody will treat you and your family better.  And we can prove it:  check out our dozens of 5-Star Reviews on the independent lawyer review site AVVO HERE; or our clients' video reviews HERE; or a sampling of the cases we have handled.

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At Polewski & Associates, your case will be handled by an experienced medical malpractice lawyer and his team that has handled serious failure to diagnose cases for over 30 years.

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