Implant Dentist Malpractice

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 Implant Dentistry Malpractice Lawyer

When implant dentists malpractice, the result is nothing less than a disaster.  Our dental implant malpractice clients have suffered terrible infections, lost teeth, suffered bone loss in their jaws, endured years of disability and pain, multiple surgeries and often paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra bills.  And all of these cases--every single one--was because their dentist didn't know what they were doing, or because they broke simple safety rules.  This is dental implant malpractice.

These cases are no place for lawyers who don't know anything about dentistry.  Every lawyer has to handle his first big case--but you don't want that case to be your case.  Implant dentistry, and medical malpractice law are both complicated. You need a lawyer who has handled-and won-these cases before. 

Why Is There So Much Cosmetic Implant Dentistry Malpractice?

The answer is simple:  money.  In the last 5-10 years, the popularity of implant dentistry has skyrockected as the public has seen the great results that are possible.  Dentists who never did these procedures and were never trained to do them suddenly started to advertise that they could--and offered to do the work for "cheap" to get your business.  Inevitably, untrained dentists doing "cheap" work do it poorly.   The result is painful and expensive for far too many people.

The Most Common Implant Dentist Malpractice

Our implant dentist malpractice team has seen just about every kind of malpractice imaginable. 

The most common errors are:

  • malpractice by failure to design or place the implants properly

Implants need to be placed inside of bone and cannot be placed with exposed threads, or "crooked".  When they are placed outside of bone, the result is failure of the implants and infection. 

Sometimes the result is bone loss requiring extensive bone grafting to repair.  The patient always needs additional surgeries.  When the implants are placed "crooked" or in the wrong location, they cannot properly support the prosthetic teeth.

  • failure to design the prosthetic teeth properly
  • failure to properly attach the prosthetic teeth to the implants.