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When you choose Polewski & Associates for your surgery malpractice case, you are choosing a surgery medical malpractice team with over 25 years of experience, top qualifications and top client reviews

Our team has handled just about every type of surgery malpractice case you can imagine--usually multiple times. 

Cases involving surgeons injuring patient's bowels, stomachs, blood vessels, kidneys, livers, bile ducts and hearts.  Cases where the surgeon cut the wrong thing, or didn't do the surgery they were supposed to do.  Cases where the surgeon missed an infection or a bleeding blood vessel.  Cases where a surgeon failed to order necessary post-operative treatment. 

Whatever mistake your surgeon made, we've almost certainly handled a case like yours before.

On a Mission to Make Things Better

One of the main reasons our clients hire us is to prevent other families from suffering like they did. 

They want to make the malpractice stop.  And your lawsuit can do that.

Of course we get compensation for our client's losses and the harm they suffered. 

And if you're  on a mission to make sure that what happened to your family doesn't happen again, then we'd be proud to help.

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There are laws which prevent people injured by medical malpractice and Wrongful Death from being able to sue if they wait too long, no matter how bad the malpractice was, and no matter how badly the patient was hurt.

Every day you wait to contact a lawyer may be the day that it becomes too late to sue-or a witness disappears, or a key record is lost.

There is no reason to wait: We never charge a penny for the consultation. Call Polewski & Associates today at 972-223-1810.

Common Surgery Malpractice Cases

Our malpractice and Wrongful Death lawyers see some of the same medical mistakes made over and over again in common surgical procedures such as: