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Why Call the Polewski Firm?

Lawyers who do not routinely handle malpractice and Wrongful Death cases involving errors by Arkansas surgeons simply do not know what to look for it the medical records, and do not have the knowledge necessary to win a trial involving medical malpractice in surgery. We do.

We’re not afraid to go against a powerful local hospital or doctor, and we’re not going to “give them a break” because they belong to the same country club or their kids go to the same school. Medical malpractice lawsuits are what we do.

Contact Us Right Now. Tomorrow May Be Too Late.

There are laws which prevent people injured by medical malpractice and Wrongful Death from being able to sue if they wait too long, no matter how bad the malpractice was, and no matter how badly the patient was hurt. Every day you wait to contact a lawyer may be the day that it becomes too late to sue-or a witness disappears, or a key record is lost.

What Really Happened?

Your doctor will never tell you that he committed medical malpractice in surgery. Nor will other Arkansas doctors tell you that your doctor committed surgery medical malpractice. The “conspiracy of silence” is very real, and very powerful.

Sometimes it's obvious that a surgeon has committed malpractice: he has cut something he shouldn’t have, or sewed two body parts together that should be separate. Other times our clients only suspect that there has been surgical malpractice. Something didn’t seem right, or the explanation for what happened didn’t sound right-or the doctor who did the surgery refuses to talk to you at all.

Many Types of Surgical Malpractice – But Always the Same Cause

Surgeons have equipment and techniques available to them today that were undreamed of even a decade ago. Surgery by robot and with tiny instruments inserted with cameras. Diagnostic scanners and laboratory tests of incredible accuracy and speed. Advances in knowledge and medicines. All of these make it possible for surgeons to save lives that couldn’t be saved a few short years ago.

Yet people are still injured and killed by surgery malpractice: tens of thousands of Americans every year, according to every major study of the problem.

Why? Because no matter how advanced surgery techniques and technology become, surgeons will continue to make mistakes caused by inattention and failure to follow basic safety rules. The best equipment doesn’t help when a surgeon isn’t paying attention to what he is cutting. The fanciest robot can’t prevent a surgeon from being sloppy or cutting corners.

Over and over again, our Wrongful Death and medical malpractice team sees the same types of cases: patients bleeding to death because a surgeon didn’t properly sew an artery shut, or dying of infection because a surgeon didn’t pay attention to signs of postoperative sepsis, or having to undergo multiple additional surgeries because a surgeon cut or clipped the wrong part of the body, or left a tool in the patient.

This unnecessary suffering is inexcusable in this age of advanced science and knowledge.

Common Surgery Malpractice Cases

Our malpractice and Wrongful Death lawyers see some of the same medical mistakes made over and over again in common surgical procedures such as:


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