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Timely Diagnosis Is Crucial in Meningitis Case | Little Rock ARMeningitis can kill or cause permanent, terrible injury if not diagnosed and treated promptly – but can be cured without injury if the diagnosis is made correctly. Sadly, the victims are almost always children or young people.  The injuries are terrible:  our team has handled cases involving Wrongful Death, brain damage, amputations, and loss of eyesight or hearing.

That is why meningitis misdiagnosis cases are some of the saddest of all the different kinds of medical malpractice cases our lawyers have seen. When you are talking to the parents of a child who died unnecessarily, or will never hear or see again, or has lost their feet or their hands, there are no words that can heal their pain. Nothing can ease their knowledge that if only their child’s doctors had been paying attention, their child would be safe and well.

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At Polewski & Associates, we have experience handling all kinds of medical malpractice cases, including cases of failure to diagnose meningitis. We understand the special pain caused by these cases, and have the training and special knowledge of medicine and malpractice law your family needs on your side.

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Every doctor and every hospital has medical malpractice insurance. That insurance is there to compensate people hurt by medical malpractice. If your family has suffered from misdiagnosed meningitis, you are entitled to get help from the insurance of the doctors and nurses who caused your pain.

And every meningitis misdiagnosis case can be a powerful lesson. No doctor or hospital who has been sued for failing to diagnose meningitis will ever forget it. They will never make the same mistake again. Your medical malpractice suit will prevent what happened to you from happening to someone else.

These are important goals. At Polewski & Associates, our lawyers are proud to help you reach them.

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