What Causes Nurse Medical Malpractice?

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Many Cases – Always the Same Causes

In the dozens of nursing malpractice cases we have handled, no matter what happened, the malpractice always occurred because a nurse was overworked and couldn’t do her job, or because she wasn’t paying attention. Nursing is a serious profession, and the consequences of cutting corners, or of a hospital trying to make a nurse take care of too many patients, is always disaster. It is playing Russian roulette with patients' lives: you might get away with it for awhile, but eventually someone is going to get hurt.

Nurses and hospital corporations know what the rules are, and they know what happens when the rules aren’t followed. That’s why nursing malpractice is so inexcusable.

Putting Profits over Patients

While medicine is a huge business in America, the people who make most of the money – corporations that own hospitals and CEOs of “nonprofit” hospitals who take home million-dollar paychecks – are far, far removed from the healthcare professionals who are actually in charge of carrying out physicians’ orders and providing patient care at the most basic level: the nurses.

Once regarded as professionals and treated as such, nurses today are seen as expenses as hospitals try to tighten their belts even further. The average nurse’s workload has more than tripled in the last few decades. And, increasingly, large corporations that own hospitals will go so far as to hire much cheaper foreign nurses to decrease labor costs, knowing they have a minimal understanding of both English and medical science.

With such an incredible communication barrier, it’s not surprising that more and more nursing mistakes are being made that lead to patient injury and death. These nurses can’t understand the patients they care for, don’t understand pharmaceutical chemistry and the effects the medicine they administer have on the human body.

According to the U.S. government, medication errors alone kill over 50,000 people a year in American hospitals. Thousands of people are dying so that health care corporations can make billions of dollars a year.

The Experience to Make a Difference.

At Polewski & Associates, our team understands why nursing errors like these happen. We have the skill and experience to get the truth from medical professionals and to understand the significance of what is written in the medical record.

We also know that nothing makes a hospital corporation take notice and make changes like a medical malpractice lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of a nursing error, you deserve justice and the truth. Nothing can heal some hurts, but you can stop the cycle of profits and negligence that hurt you and your family. You can make sure that what happened to you never happens to another family.

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