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June 17, 2024
  Why Do Medical Malpractice Cases Go To Trial? The vast majority of the medical malpractice cases we handle at my firm settle before they go to trial.              So what about the others?  What makes medical malpractice cases go to trial instead of settling?  There are a lot of reasons for... Read More
May 20, 2024
A Unique Perspective In mid-December of 2023, I was diagnosed with leukemia--a cancer of the blood which causes a spectacular proliferation of white blood cells.  So many, in fact, that my blood became unable to carry sufficient oxygen, and became a "sludge" of white blood cells crowding out other... Read More
April 20, 2024
The Human Cost of Medical Malpractice Study after study--by the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, the National Institute of Health, major medical schools and others, have founde that hundreds of thousands of people die every year in this country because of medical malpractice... Read More
April 09, 2024
I get a lot of comments from people who hate advertising by lawyers. You know the ads I mean: the ones with some screaming lunatic who has given himself a catchy nickname and says that he will “fight for you” while waving around a hammer or some other tool.  Or the ones with ambulances or pictures... Read More
September 27, 2023
When I go to trial, the people I represent count on twelve strangers on a jury to see the truth, and to speak for their community--to say "this is wrong" and "we won't tolerate it" When you got your jury summons, probably none of you thought “what a great thing I get to do, I can hardly wait”. But... Read More
August 05, 2022
The first time I speak to any medical malpractice client, we always go over the facts of their case and sometimes discuss medical malpractice law as well. At the end of the conference, if we decide to take the case, the clients always have 3 questions: “Do I have a good case?”; “How much money do... Read More
March 21, 2022
The most basic duty that any doctor has is to listen and pay attention to you.  If they don't listen, and don't take the time to perform a thorough examination, they will never get the information they need to actually help you.  A doctor who doesn't listen to your symptoms of chest pain isn't... Read More
October 15, 2021
When you go to the doctor, the very first thing that happens is you fill out a form saying what's wrong with you.  Then you go to an "exam room" where the doctor sees you--and the first thing the doctor does is to ask you what's wrong with you--why you are there.  Doctors call this the patient's "... Read More
July 25, 2021
Deciding to File Suit             It is an unfortunate fact of life that many of the people who do the most damage in this world have no means of paying for the damage that they do.  Any trial lawyer can tell you dozens of stories about drunk drivers who kill whole families—but have little or no... Read More
April 27, 2021
"Consent Forms" and Patient's Rights Those of you who have been to a hospital lately have most likely signed a “consent” form, although you probably did not read it closely and it was presented to you with a bunch of other papers to sign by some clerk or possibly a nurse who was in a hurry. This is... Read More