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Every medical malpractice lawsuit is serious and complicated. These cases are no place for rookie lawyers, or lawyers who usually handle car wrecks or divorces.
The Little Rock medical malpractice attorneys at Polewski & Associates understand medicine and medical malpractice law. We understand the special pain caused by malpractice, and the unique problems families hurt by medical malpractice have getting fair compensation for their injuries. Please take a moment to check out who we are, what our clients are saying about us and cases we have handled.

Our Promises to You

•You and your family will be protected and comfortable. Always. No exceptions.
•We won’t take your case unless we believe in your case and in you. Our Little Rock medical malpractice lawyers are committed to justice and to our clients.
•You will get our best.
•We will always tell you the absolute truth about your case. Whether the news is good or bad, you deserve to know it – all of it.
•You will get our personal attention. At Polewski & Associates you get the lawyer you hired, period.

Getting to the Truth

No doctor will tell you that he is guilty of medical malpractice. Very few doctors are brave enough to step forward and tell the truth about medical malpractice committed by the doctor in the next office, or down the street. The "conspiracy of silence" is very real, and very powerful.
Patients are usually told nothing at all, or they are told that their injury -- or the death of a family member -- was an "unavoidable complication” or that the doctors "did everything they could."
Maybe. Or maybe not. Don’t you owe it to your family—and other patients at risk-- to find out for sure?

Making Things Better


Your medical malpractice case can help your family recover from the devastating injuries that malpractice causes. And it can prevent what happened to you from happening to someone else. See "How Your Medical Malpractice Suit Helps Everyone".

Don't Delay. Contact Us Now.


Every day you wait to start your case is another day your family doesn't get the help you deserve. Every day you wait is another day evidence could be lost and memories of witnesses could fade. Every day you wait could be the day that makes it too late to seek justice, or too late to help another patient avoid what happened to you.

The time to do something about medical malpractice is now. The consultation is free.

Contact us now.


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Little Rock, Arkansas Medical Malpractice Lawyer Disclaimer: The content of this medical malpractice and medical negligence attorney website is presented by Polewski & Associates. It is not intended to be legal advice, but general information related to our areas of practice including, Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence claims in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas. If you would like to discuss your medical malpractice claim with an experienced malpractice attorney, please contact Polewski & Associates for a free case evaluation. Our malpractice and negligence lawyers serve clients in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas.

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